Back in the Saddle Again

Eli and I saw the train running during the week, so we were both pretty excited to get to Blackberry Farm on Saturday and ride it. It was GLORIOUS! Well, it was the same, really, but we’d been away for a while, so the anticipation heightened the experience.

I believe we took advantage of every aspect of the park except for the carousel. He’s not as keen on it as he was last year; he prefers to ride the benches over the horses when he bothers to ride at all.

A more succinct rundown, with pictures:

(Let me know if that link doesn’t work.)

There was some new excitement in the train depot building, too. Where only the north-most part had been open in the past, now the middle section was open (including the conductor’s desk, a ticket window, train table, and other toys) and the south section was also open with a model train in a circular diorama. The only thing more exciting than a model train in a diorama is a model train that you can control, and these are controlled by two buttons. Doesn’t get much better than that when you’re about to turn three.

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