Doctor, Lawyer, or NASCAR?

Eli and I went to the local “sports” center for an early morning ride around the go-kart track. First run, we took a tandem with a dummy steering wheel for him. He was not fooled, but he had lots of questions for me as we went around the track a few times.

When we stopped, he got to hop into a single car (kiddie version, speed limited) and looked at me in disbelief. Once the guy rolled him out onto the track and started the motor, he was all business. After the fact, I asked if he ever hit the brakes – he said “No, but I didn’t push the gas all the way at first. I did later, though.”

The last time he had full autonomy in a motorized vehicle, it was a battery-powered Jeep toy and he didn’t use his hands.

He’s been very adept on his bike (riding without training wheels since he was 4) and learning various other riding contraptions. Also, my dad lets him steer the tractor when they ride around together, but he’s aware that Papa has control, ultimately. This was his first time with full control, and he ate it up. Stayed between the walls, too!

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