Eli and the Madger

It’s hard to fathom that we’re coming up on Eli’s third birthday already. It’s not as hard to imagine when you talk to the boy. He’s still working on language, but he’s jumped from putting together sentences to making up stories and jokes. He used to reference “the Madger” but wouldn’t elaborate on what or who that is. More recently, he talks about his friend Sturpey, who apparently can drive. He frequently drives Eli’s friends to the Pole Trees (Chipotle) for “quesadisas”. Sometimes they pick one up for Mama, too.

In real life, it’s hard to glean who his best friend might be, but at school he likes Frankie, Piper, and Will the most (this week). I think the fact that they change classes at six month intervals based on their birthdays makes it a little difficult to be consistent with besties.

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