A Weekend To Memorialize

We had what I’d categorize as one of our best weekends as a family without being on vacation. It was productive, fun, and even healthy.

The fun started on Friday – we went to a Cougars game right after work and school. As usual, it was a fantastic time. The Cougars won, Eli got to see a home run (and the ensuing fireworks), and we made it to the late innings. Eli was pretty insistent on leaving at at point, claiming to be tired. I think he was not interested in the fireworks. He really was tired, though, falling asleep on the way home, then on through the night.

Saturday, we took our time getting up, made banana pancakes, then figured we’d try to get some of the remaining mulch pile dispersed. We ended up finishing the yard. Eli was cooperative, helped out a bunch, and so when we were done with a long day in the yard, we had a nice dinner and tried to watch a movie. (We settled on a few episodes of Martha, the talking dog.)

Sunday, we got to go to church as a family, although Eli decided that he needed Jennie in the nursery with him (the summer kids program is for ages 5 and up, apparently). Jennie had some furniture and things to paint, so Eli and I went to Blackberry Farm to stay out of her way. Two hours flew by, and then it was time to see our friends in Morrison, IL for their daughter’s graduation party.

Heather stood up in our wedding and Jennie has known Violet since she was born, so it was pretty gratifying to see her surrounded by friends and family, ready to take the next step in her life. Eli had a few friends to run with, and they have goats and a donkey, so it was a blast for him. Fun for us to see everyone and meet Heather’s niece, too.

Again, Eli was gassed by the time we left and slept all the way home, and all through the night.

Monday was another slow starter, but we worked inside the house a little, listened to some music, then headed out for the parade in downtown Aurora. Parking was a little tricky but we got there and saw quite a bit of it. Eli was only mildly interested. After the parade, we went to the Pendell house for an afternoon barbecue with some other families from the church who have kids around the same age. It’s always nice getting together with them. I feel like the similarities go far beyond just the ages of our kids. Even beyond the common taste in beer.

Eli ate hot dogs, cupcakes, “power chips”, and other stuff. He played on the slip-n-slide like crazy; single-handedly got the rest of the kids interested in that. He was the magistrate of the little house under the swing set/play area (until Maggie usurped his throne). The start of a storm was the only thing that would have convinced him to leave, and the timing was perfect, as he fell asleep just as we were about to pull into our driveway. Yet again, he was asleep in the car, made it to bed without waking, and slept through the night.

I definitely got some biceps workouts this weekend, we all got along with minimal fuss, and we had tons of fun – even while we were working.

Great weekend.

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