Biking Couple

We finally got a chance to get off the trainers and onto the pavement this weekend. We did ten miles on Saturday just to see how that would feel, and it was no problem. The bike path from North Aurora to Geneva is pretty scenic with the river on one side and lots of houses and woods on the other.

Sunday, we went for twenty miles to see how that would work. As an experiment, we rode from home to J’s hospital just to see how long it would take. Turns out it’s possible, but there’s really no easy way to do it. Splitting the ride into a to/from situation with 12 hours of nursing in between would be more realistic, but the ride home would be exhausting after work. Probably not realistic.

Anyhow, I think I’ll be investing in some compression pants and a waterproof jacket if we continue to ride this summer. Other couples golf – I’d be into visiting other cities and riding bikes. That could be our thing.

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