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So, Jennie went back to school and I went through a bit of an employment renaissance over the past few years which put us in a bit of a financial bind. Not insurmountable, but definitely tough. With the economy scraping bottom in the past year or more, it’s been especially nerve-wracking.

Luckily, school went well and Jennie is now fully employed (and making more than me!) so we’re on the road to recovery. We have a long list of projects we want to do in the house as soon as possible. It’s crazy how much joy can be derived from just the idea that we will be able to do this stuff. We’re not looking to do a complete remodel or anything, just upgrading stuff that’s needed it since we moved in a few years ago.

Here’s a list:

  • Electrical stuff: new outlets downstairs, new outlet in kitchen, fix switches upstairs
  • New microwave mounted above stove
  • Mulch for all around the house and all of the trees, new plants for the bare spots, new garden box.
  • New kitchen counters, sink, faucet
  • New floors on kitchen/dining room half of downstairs
  • New bathroom vanity tops, faucets, floors, shelves
  • Fix drywall and paint again (everything – stronger colors this time)

I can do all but the first item, and the electrician (a friend) is coming out tomorrow. The rest would be a little expensive to do all at once, but spread out we have the ability to continue to pay down other debts while we make improvements.

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