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The Petards – Too Many Heavens

I don’t know, I think this one is all I need. Watching a band called The Petards on a work computer (at lunch, of course) with good headphones and THAT DRUMMER.

I think I’ve approached the instrument all wrong.

Yep. All wrong.

The Hics – All We’ll Know

Sometimes, just listening to the right music at the right time is all I need to feel good. It doesn’t seem to matter when I listen to the Hics, though. I’m not sure if it’s the male and female voices intertwined or the reserved, yet silky-smooth tracks beneath them, but this scratches an itch I’ve had since the 70s. There seems to be far too little output by the duo – all I can find is a beautiful EP and this song. I’m hoping that’s just because they’re working on licensing in the U.S. or recording a full-length album. Sure hope this song title isn’t a sign.

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