My Little Nurse

She’s not official until she takes the state boards which are required for her license, but I’m already proud of my little nurse. The whole process took a year and a half, which didn’t seem like a long time when she started out, but it was a bit of a lifestyle change for us during that time. My biggest concern was that she finish, and she’s done that. What happens from here is icing on the cake. (And I like cake.)

I’ve seen my girl work hard to get her farm planted and done, move wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt around our yard, balance work and school to get her bachelors degree, and now she’s finished what she started with her nursing degree. From a first-hand perspective, I can say that it was not easy. There was no content that was challenging for her, but there were lots of other aspects that were. She overcame a 45-minute commute, multiple deadly storms, unfair grading (on occasion), disorganized teachers, unreasonable time demands, and me – the slug on the couch. 🙂

Despite all of those challenges, she’s done. Boards or not, she completed her task, so if she becomes a nurse, fantastic. If she becomes a barista at Starbucks instead, that’s fine, too. Either way, I’m proud to be her husband.

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