July is Over

For all practical purposes, anyhow. Big Drag just played our first show in a long time, Supercush is about to start recording again tomorrow, and Jennie has some applications out at Delnor for jobs in the Emergency Room or Intensive Care Unit – exactly what she was looking for in the first place. It’s kind of exciting because we’ve been planning out what stuff we’d like to do when she’s found a job.

One priority will be to get a camper of some sort. We originally wanted a T@b, but when we saw them in person, thought they were too small after all. Of course, an Airstream would be great, but those run more expensive than the trucks that tow them. The company that makes the T@b now makes the T@da, which might just be a perfect middle ground. We’ll have to see it in person to make the final decision.

With the camper, we’ll be able to visit family and friends and not impose or pay for a hotel. We’ll be able to go camping and I’ll actually be able to get some sleep. It might also make things easier if we finally get to go up north next year.

Of course, my priorities are a little different. I’d like a new laptop. This one has been great, but the monitor has to be in the exact right position to work (bad connection somewhere), and the keyboard has begun doing random things. I think the letter “i” causes a browser to go back two pages in the correct key sequence. Very frustrating when typing a post and it’s lost for no apparent reason.

So, as you might guess, I’ve been pricing out laptops. I’d also like a water treatment system for our house, a whole electrical overhaul (especially new outlets in the basement), and a new car – more likely later next year for that. We’ve also got some school loans and credit card debt to knock down before we make any other serious purchases. But all will come in good time.

State fair is next week through the 12th, I think, and we’ll be there at some point. I’ve been pretty lazy this summer, but that’s probably not shocking to anyone reading this. I really need to get back into the gym regularly, but since it’s been humid, I’ve been avoiding it. I’ve been a little spotty with walking Nina, too, so I should at least get back on track for her sake.

Cubs are still eeking out wins, Bears are in training camp, and the Blackhawks announced that they’ll be playing a game at Wrigley in January or February. My money’s on a heat wave that day.

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