Summer Upon Us

So far, it’s been a crazy, busy summer. Not sure if it’s even officially summer yet, but it feels like it. We had a long, long stretch of sub-freezing weather this winter, so I expect a hot, humid summer.

Jennie has been busy kicking butt in nursing school and working part-time at a nearby hospital. She should hit the ground running when she’s ready to get her first job. I got a promotion and a raise in the past week which is six years too late, but I’m definitely not complaining. After two years, I still love my job.

We’ve been crappy friends and family over the past few years. Part of it is my fault for moving us away from all of our friends to a town where we know almost no one. Part of it is our need to hunker down, financially, and find stuff to do at home. (Gas prices are NOT helping.) Another part of it is that I have never been good at following up on things or writing letters – and Jennie’s very, very busy.

It won’t last. We are looking forward to visiting friends on the East coast, the West coast, Wisconsin, Iowa, etc. Next year should be fun.

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