New Year, New Outlook

Well, it sounds good, anyhow. My primary focus this year will be on setting up for the future. I feel like we’ve been forced to react to things a lot in the past year, starting with a broken knee cap at the end of 2014. There was a compounding effect, and while it seems like I’m prone to whine these days, it was not the easiest year by a long shot.

In reality, there is room for a bit of a shift in perspective. My plan for this year is to move forward in a more positive manner. I bemoaned a lot of what was happening this past year, but we’re through the woods on a lot of it, and while we leave 2015 with a significant loss, we have the prospect of some significant positives in the coming year.

It’ll all start with a donation to a benevolent fund for animals in Jennie’s mom’s name, which she would have loved. She will help some animals even now. If things go as we expect, we’ll be able to shore up some of the remaining trouble spots in our house as well We like the place, but new siding or paint should make a big difference.

We’re in a purge cycle with regards to junk we’ve carried from house to house. And now we’re tasked with clearing out another house which has at least 2 houses worth of stuff packed into it. It’s daunting at the moment, but each time we dig through, we find more useful stuff or memories.

Eli kicked off his return to kindergarten with his BB-8 robot at show-and-tell. He got to show how he can make it move in any direction, say things, light up different colors – and he was in his glory. The first half of his first year of kindergarten has been a serious success and we expect more of the same as he finishes up and then moves into 1st grade. He’s in ninja training classes with Connor and might get into soccer or legitimate music classes this year as well.

I ended the year by losing 5 pounds. We’re all going to put more attention toward getting more healthy, and my take in that is “aggressive weight management” as required by my new doctor. I’d like to finally get under 200 pounds for the first time since my 20s. I need to burn fat and gain muscle. The yard should provide some earthy exercise this year.

Philosophically, there’s only so much I can do in a day. Work is a challenge, but I need to contain that to a reasonable work day. I’ll need to focus more and get more done, but I’ll probably also need to find a new career sometime this year.

At home, we need to walk Jolene, start some kind of routine at the YMCA, eat better food together at the table, and sleep better. I work better with a routine, or boundaries, so it’ll be pretty imperative to establish those early.


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