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15 Years Ago On This ‘Ol Blog

Interesting how things change, isn’t it? In the year 2001, Amazon was gaining traction, but not yet a household name. I figured it would be cool to have a blog like the ones I’d seen for other people. Most of them were dedicated to some sort of activity or group, or else they were built into a framework that someone else maintained. Blogspot may have been out there, but I wasn’t yet aware of it, for example. Plus, I wanted to get this domain name and figured I’d probably be posting up lots of photos with the .5 megapixel digital camera I had scored at my job. Oh yeah, Flickr didn’t hit for another year or two.

Anyhow, here’s the site, as documented by the Internet Archive:

So few friends and family had computers, let alone phones, back then, so this mostly went unseen. But, it’s the closest thing to a diary I’ve kept over the years.

Oh, so after FrontPage, there was an open-source WSIWYG editor available that did the same basic stuff, but was free (and more than a little frustrating). I think I used a hosting company called ReadyHosting, and pushed updates by editing pages, then posting them via FTP. When that provider disappeared, I moved completely over to 1&1, and I still use them.

At one point, though, I discovered and started using Blogger (formerly Blogspot) after setting up a Gmail account on a whim. Naturally, I found lots of ways to mess with the stock templates and make it look unique. Then, I learned about WordPress, which started out pretty complicated but got a lot more intuitive over the years. I’m using WP on 1&1 for this very post.

The Blogger pages still exist, but I don’t use them now that this is so intuitive. There’s even an app that makes posting stuff from my phone pretty easy. So there it is – the mostly complete history of

DSL Speeds, For Posterity

I’ve tested our throughput on three different computers at three different times of the day (and night) and it’s remarkably consistent, just about 1/2 of the speed I’m paying for.

Might need to have a tech come out, or switch to Comcast. ūüôĀ

Alzheimer’s Walk

This project is important to us because Jennie has gravitated toward the dementia unit at the nursing home since she started working there. She¬†deals with people with varying stages of neurological decline¬†(and their families) full time.¬†I remember my first face-to-face brush with Alzheimer’s – a friend had come back from visiting his mom and, in tears, relayed that she didn’t know who he was. I can’t think of a thing more alienating or flat-out sad. It’s one thing to lose someone when they die, but it’s a Twilight Zone episode gone very wrong¬†when you lose them but can still have a conversation with them as though they’re a complete stranger.

There are fascinating aspects of Alzheimer’s, like how sometimes memories of close family members fade, but music¬†persists. She says that people who no longer function in any other way will sometimes sing songs. Jennie would be the ideal¬†person to study the disease, but in the short term, she takes care of these folks in their time of need.

We don’t typically ask people for money or donations. It’s not something we’re comfortable doing, but in this case, there is some viable research being done and it seems like there are small breakthroughs happening all the time in the study of Alzheimer’s. We will be participating in a walk to benefit Alzheimer’s research on 9/21/14, and while we are prepared to fund our goal¬†ourselves, we’d also very much appreciate any¬†help. There’s no pressure, obviously, but if you have an inclination to donate,¬†click THIS LINK, or search for¬†Jennie Borresen in the¬†the Donate¬†area. Here’s info on the Dekalb County Rehab and Nursing Center team.

Thanks for your consideration, and I hope you never have to face this disease.

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